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Or KiTolod Star Flower

Or KiTolod Star Flower

- Scientific name: 'sato = longiflora Presl.
- Name of area: kitolod, leaf tolod (Sunda); sangkobak, control
- Foreign Names: ster van bethlehem.

Content of Chemical and Pharmacological Effects
Kitolod contain a poisonous sap. Some of the chemicals contained in them kitolod alkaloid compounds, namely lobelin, lobelamin, and isotomin.
Pharmacological effects of which are owned kitolod anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic, antiinflammatory, analgesic, and hemostatic.

Propagation and Plant Care
Kitolod Propagation can be done with seeds. Kitolod treated with watered enough water, soil moisture is maintained, and fertilized with organic fertilizer.

Plant Parts Used and Utilization
Leaves, flowers, and all parts of the plant kitolod can be used to treat some diseases as follows.

- Asthma, bronchitis, and sore throat
Rinse 3 kitolod leaves, then boiled in 2 cups of water until remaining one glasses. Once cool, strain the cooking water, then drink two times a day in the morning and afternoon.

Rinse dam kitolod taste, then mash until smooth. Paste the results in injury collisions, then wrapped with a clean cloth. Dressings should be replaced two to three times a day.

- Cancer drug
Simmer over low heat and 3 bay leaves and stems kitolod in 5 cups of water until the remaining 1-2 glasses. Drink boiled water several times until exhausted in a day.

- Drug eye
Simmer 3 bay leaves and stems kitolod in 5 cups of water until the remaining 1-2 glasses. Drink boiled water several times until exhausted in a day.

- Toothache
Rinse kitolod 2 bay leaves then mash until smooth. Put a collision results in a sore tooth / hole.
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Benefits of Spinach Leaves And Roots

Benefits of Spinach Leaves And Roots
Green leafy vegetables are sources of lutein and folate is superb, which helps prevent heart disease and birth defects. In addition, spinach also provide preventive iron anemia.

Spinach also has properties to prevent loss of vision due to an aging age (macular degeneration), cataracts, cancer, high blood pressure, and birth defects. Increase the body's absorption of minerals by cooking spinach with other vegetables rich in vitamin C.

Do you know if spinach is a crop that can be used as traditional medicine efficacious? This can be inferred because spinach contains a number of substances that are beneficial to the body. Part of spinach plants used are leaves and roots.

For drugs taken, get used to using fresh leaves, then boiled and eaten as a salad. Besides braised, spinach juice can also be made. For external use only, minced fresh spinach leaves until smooth, then put on the sore spot.

Examples of using spinach for health: to improve kidney function, provide just enough spinach, then make a vegetable juice or can be made. To clean the blood after birth can too. Same way, created as a vegetable in the form of vegetable nodes.

For less blood. Wash three handfuls of spinach leaves, then mash until smooth. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice, then strain. Add one tablespoon of honey and a chicken egg yolk and stir until smooth, then this herb drink.

If you are stricken with dysentery. Wash the roots of 10 stems of red spinach thoroughly, then mash until smooth. Add the tip of a teaspoon of fine salt, stirring rate. then strain, for treatment, drinking water sieve once.

Strengthens the hair roots Wash one bunch fresh spinach leaves and stems thoroughly, then mash until smooth fine salt. Add tip of a teaspoon, stirring rate. Next, squeeze and strain, and drink as well. Do it 2-3 times a week.

Patients with blood uric acid levels are high enough and rheumatism are prohibited from taking too many spinach because these vegetables contain a fairly high purine. In the body, will be metabolized purines into uric acid.

Already know the benefits of eating spinach. Obtain the efficacy of traditional medicines from medicinal plants spinach with ease if you have the initiative to plant themselves in your home, can be planted in front of the house or in the backyard.
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Ways to Relieve Pain Without Drugs

Ways to Relieve Pain Without Drugs

Here are some ways ease and eliminate pain. This method is an alternative that can be done if you do not want to take pain medications:

Meet the needs of vitamin D, vitamin D deficiency may contribute to chronic pain. Fish and morning sun is the largest source for this vitamin. The average person needs about 200 IU vitamin D per day, but for those aged 50 to 70 years increased need for vitamin D to 400 IU per day. For those who have tread the age of 70, needs vitamin D to 500 IU.
Inhaling the scent of green apples, Research conducted the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, USA, instruct the participants - who was ill at the same time migraine - to sniff the smell test tube containing a green apple. The results show, the condition of those who inhale the smell of green apples had improved compared with those who do not inhale the smell of green apples. The researchers assume, given by the aroma of green apples is able to compensate for the muscle contractions that occur in the head and neck, thus providing a sense of relief in the head. In previous studies, the smell of green apples are also found to be against anxiety.
Meditate, meditation effectiveness in relieving pain without the side effects have been revealed in several studies. The experts in this field think, meditate for about an hour can help relieve pain. Research also shows that meditation can increase brain activity in areas such as the anterior cingulate cortex, anterior insula, and orbito-frontal cortex. Three areas are part of the brain in charge of mapping the various forms of pain that is received by the brain of nerve signals to various parts of the body.
Balneotherapy. Balneotherapy is not something strange because it has been practiced since ancient times. The term "balneo" is derived from the Latin word "balneum" which means a bath. Balneotherapy is a kind of hydrotherapy, where the treatment is done by using a bath of mineral water or warm water. Mineral water, which is used is formed of magnesium sulfate or Epsom salts, capable of flexing muscles. Both magnesium and sulfate, a mineral that is easily absorbed by the skin, and studies have shown that the amount of magnesium in the body will increase after a bath using plenty of water containing Epsom salt. In addition, balneotherapy can also increase blood circulation and relieve inflammation.
Magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy is a method that uses a minimal risk of magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes (treatment). This therapy can stimulate the healing process and affect the quality of sleep in a positive way. Researchers from the University of Virginia shows that the magnetic field strength is being able to help reduce swelling if applied immediately after injury. Swelling is essentially caused by the dilation of blood vessels and the magnet is believed to be capable of restricting blood flow to the injured area.
Chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is a kind of other natural therapies that effectively relieve pain by using color. Those who believe and support the chromotherapy argue that the origins of various diseases or health conditions can be mapped by looking at the lack of a specific color in the human body system. The way it works is to emit a color to the body to help fight health imbalances, and blue color is believed to give effect to the fresh, relaxed, and soothing and can be used to relieve pain.
Breathing techniques, Relaxation by deep breathing deeply can help relieve headaches, back pain, joint pain, and pain caused by cancer yagn. Breathing techniques can be used to relieve the pain of mind so the body can be reduced, this can happen by considering the relationship between mind and body. This technique is capable of incorporating elements such as body awareness, breathing, movement, and meditation in a single stream. Even more exciting, but easy and can be done anywhere, this therapy does not cost anything.

The trick, breathe for a count of four, try to fill your lungs with air from the bottom to top by pushing your stomach, then followed until it reaches the bottom of the rib cage until you are sure the chest is full of witchcraft air, hold for three seconds, then exhale. Breathing can distract you from the pain.

Some pain will come and go, and some tend not to go away. If it happens (the pain would not go away), it means you need to get treatment against pain.
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Dangers and Benefits of Amethyst Leaf

Dangers and Benefits of Amethyst Leaf
Amethyst is not only useful as a narcotic plant. Other efficacy that can be obtained from the amethyst is quite a lot. Some of them are as toothache medicine and asthma.

Amethyst (Datura metel L) is known as a plant that negative effect. Trumpet-shaped flowers of plants that are often misused for busting consciousness or as a narcotic substance as efficacious anesthesia cone-shaped leaves. This is mainly because these plants contain crystalline methyl which has a relaxing effect on striated muscle.

Because the shape is like a trumpet plus a negative connotation, Americans and Europeans later called it a devil trumpet. Abuse is actually derived from the habits of a group of people in India who use amethyst to anesthetize the sacrifice to the gods.

Be calm
Until now, amethyst was still considered negative. In fact, the assumption is not very appropriate because this plant also has a positive value. Since the first, using a cone-shaped Chinese society as a cold medicine. Could be, the effects of spicy, bitter, and warm is what makes the amethyst used to cure the flu.

In India, cone-shaped seeds are crushed and mixed with fat into external drug for impotence sufferers. In addition, the drug believed to increase sexual stamina. Another benefit of amethyst, in addition to cope with the flu and impotence, also good for relieving asthma and toothache.

In the website of Science and Technology stated that amethyst contains chemical compounds alkaloids. Alkaloid compounds consisted of atropine, hiosiamin, and scopolamine which are antikholinergik. Amethyst also contain hyoscine, fatty substances, calcium oxalate, meteloidina, norhiosiamina, norskopolamina, kuskohigrina, and nikotina.

An herbalist, Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha, explaining that the substance is useful as a reliever asthma and scopolamine hipociamin besifat antikholinergik. The effects of these substances greatly relieve asthma.

Alkaloids could dilate the airways are narrowed again due to an asthma attack. Then, scopolamine also has activity for central nervous system depressant that is often used as a drug antimabuk.

Must be careful
To note, the use of amethyst can be side effects. Poisoning can happen. According Endah Lasmadiwati, herbalist from Sringanis Garden Bogor, the use of cone-shaped leaves that just crushed and placed on the forehead can make people drunk.

That is why, we must be very careful in the use of amethyst. At the very least, consult with your herbalist or physician before using the herb amethyst.

Symptoms of poisoning usually occur, mainly due to substance atropine and skolopamin, is dry mouth, constipation, sensitivity to light, and eye pain. Giving an antacid is commonly used to resolve the issue.

Amethyst often found in cool temperate regions. In some areas, amethyst named by kucubung (Sunda) and kacubung (Madura). Amethyst including herbaceous plant species. Crown white trumpet-like flowers purplish.

Cone-shaped white flowers are considered the most toxic compared with other types also contain alkaloids. Therefore, its use should be very cautious and only limited as foreign drugs.

This alkaloid compounds found in all parts of plants amethyst, starting from the root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, until the seeds. However, there is the greatest content in the roots and seeds. If poisoning potions amethyst, try not to fall asleep. Drink coffee and do not forget that hard to breathe fresh air as much as possible
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Benefits of Fruit Pinang

Benefits of Fruit Pinang (jambe)

Areca or jambe is one of completeness in menyirih among older people. In addition, the Indonesian people use this plant as a natural remedy to strengthen the gums, teeth, and treat intestinal worms.

Later, nutritious nut known to increase arousal. In Japan, even the plant is cultivated to be used as industrial raw material medicine. Fruit seeds Latin name Areca catechu plant is used as a mixture of whiting which make the mouth and teeth reddish. Betel nut is also an important role in Sundanese traditional wedding ceremony.

"To show ngeuyeuk seureuh before the wedding. It should always be there because part can not be separated in a marriage, "said Prof H Suriawiria Unus, an expert in biotechnology and agro-industry of Bandung Institute of Technology who is also a native of Sunda.

In everyday life, except for menyirih, areca nut used by the community as a traditional medicine to strengthen teeth and gums. The trick with slices chew betel nuts. According to Prof. Unus, this practice is also applied to rural communities in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Still according to Prof. Unus, the efficacy of betel nuts are not only useful for healthy teeth and gums, "In the betel nuts contained substances that are useful as a passion-enhancing drugs."

He cites research in Japan and Taiwan that a seed nut has efficacy equivalent to five packs of the passion-enhancing drugs made from synthetic compounds. "As an addition to the much advertised passionate man, you know," he said.

Savor this passion is not just an addition to nonsense because he said in a nut contained arekolin. These compounds are kholinergik arekolin, which is useful to overcome kholin acetyl compounds which are circulating in the body. Acetyl kholin this when too much can cause a person to feel tired and unwell. Conversely, the nature of areca beneficial kholinergik makes the body healthy, fit and energetic.

In India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, betel nut is a small food treats quite enthused. "The fruit of nut in these countries were sliced ​​into small pieces and roasted. After it is packed in plastic bags or cans as well as beans are packed in plastic in Indonesia, "said Prof. Unus.

Food and textile industries also begin to look nut. Because, areca seed extract red wine potentially as fabric dyes and food.

"The use of red color derived from the seeds is now highly recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health agencies. Therefore, the artificial red color are carcinogenic or cancer causing, "he continued.

Meanwhile, according to Endah Lasmadiwati, herbalist from Sringanis Garden Bogor, areca has several properties that can cure some diseases. Among these are a useful anthelmintica shed worms and adstringensia to shrink the mucous membranes.

The nature of this worm has long shed our ancestors used to cure worms in the countryside. In addition, the nut is also stimulated (stimulant), stop the bleeding (haermostatica), and antisifilis
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BENEFITS leaves sambiloto

BENEFITS leaves sambiloto

During this time the people had much use for the material leaves bitter herbs. And many are sold ranging from MBO 'medicinal herbs that sell pole, which hung, until the manufacturer who sells herbs with modern packaging.

Sambiloto is typical of tropical plants, and can grow in the yard, but now many are those who provide land for planting this plant for later processing.

There are so many benefits from this bitter leaf, among others is to treat diabetes or diabetes, typhoid, and there is also a bitter leaves can also be said for the itching disease and prevent cancer, perhaps because the typical bitter taste of these leaves. But that has been widely used and recognized the efficacy of this leaf is to prevent malaria because it leaves is also called anti-malarial drugs.

In addition it leaves is also beneficial to keep the immune system or stamina. Maybe that's why the leaves are widely used for medicinal decoction.

For typhoid fever usually leaves bitter coupled with turmeric and ginger then boiled and drunk boiled water 3 times a day until healed suffering from typhus. As for diabetes better bitter leaf is eaten or chewed directly in the state are still fresh.

Those are some of the many benefits of bitter leaves, the usefulness of typical tropical leaves also have started to be used abroad than in Indonesia such as some European countries and America, but to foreign countries the most widely used for treatment of bitter leaf is India. But who or country where the patent holder of bitter leaf is not known, but Indonesia has been since the first use of this leaf material for the manufacture of herbal health blends and original recipe of our forefathers handed down from generation to generation.

Are prescription and herbal concoction has been patented in the right? I do not know. But I worry about the fate of leaves of bitter herb recipe is the same as turmeric plant that the Japanese patent was taken because we are too late pemerintajh menghakpatenkan, but turmeric is one of the plants native to Indonesia.
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Turmeric Benefits / Kunir

Turmeric Benefits / Kunir

Turmeric has been very long in use for the health of our ancestors, and this plant has many medical benefits. Indonesian cuisine is very familiar with turmeric as one of the basic ingredients required for cooking the yellow or as a natural food coloring. For example: curry chicken, curry, soup, fried chicken seasoning to yellow, yellow rice, using turmeric as one of the marinade. In addition to herbs, turmeric is also used for traditional medicine to maintain good health of body and beauty. Which we used is probably the turmeric acid consumption are usually sold by Ms. herbal carry our subscriptions. By eating turmeric acid - a drink with herbal categories - regular, beautiful skin with olive would be obtained. Turmeric is good for an old drug rhizome is more than one year. Some medicinal properties of turmeric, among others:
Fever: 20 grams of fresh ginger washed and shredded. Add 1 / 2 cup of boiled water and stir evenly, squeeze a piece of clean cloth. Juice drink. Apply 2 times a day
Diarrhea: Ingredients: turmeric rhizome, gambier and whiting taste. The trick: take fresh turmeric for 1 / 2 fingers, sliced ​​thinly and then boiled with 1 cup water until the remaining 1 / 3 cup. Add 1 teaspoon of water whiting, stir until evenly distributed. Strain and drink 3 times a day until healed.
Abdominal bloating, no appetite, pain, nausea 50 g of clean fresh turmeric and shredded. Add 3 tablespoons water and stir evenly and then squeezed and filtered, divided for 3 times the drink.
Preventing wrinkles on the skin. Grate a little turmeric and squeeze the water. For maximum results, should be drunk every day.
Diabetes Mellitus. Ingredients: 3 rampang turmeric, 1 / 2 teaspoon salt. Method: The second material is boiled with 1 liter of water until boiling, then filtered. How to use: drinked 2 times a week 1 / 2 cup.
Typhus. Ingredients: 2 rhizome of turmeric, a hump SERE, a bitter leaves. How to make: all ingredients are finely ground and crushed, then add 1 cup of cooked a still warm and filtered. How to use: drink, and carried out for a week straight - participated.
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The leaves are usually made ​​food sembukan called pelas sembukan. Although it feels good but if farts can smell is not playing. The following is from sembukan drug efficacy.

Latin name: Paederia foetida L.
Name of area: Leaves fart; Kahitutan; Kasembukan; Bintaos; Gumi siki
Description of plants: shrubs annuals, twisted, massive segmented stems, roots, from books to grow roots, brown color. Single leaf, opposite, oval, hairy. Inflorescence a panicle, white crown. Fruit stones, the color yellow
Habitat: Grows wild in the fence and the river banks at an altitude of 1000-1000 m above sea level.
Part of plant used: Leaves
Chemical Ingredients: indole alkaloids; Paederina; Asperulosina; Paederosida; Skandosida; Desasetilasperulosida
Benefits: Anti-inflammatory; Stomakik; antirheumatic; Diuretics; carminative
Simplicia Name: Folium Paederiae

The traditional recipe:

Ulcer pain
1 handful of fresh leaves sembukan; water to taste, in pee, drink 1 time a day 1 / 4 cup

1 handful of fresh leaves sembukan; water to taste, in pee, drink 1 time a day 1 / 4 cup

1 handful of fresh leaves sembukan; Leaf lampes 1 handful; water a little, in pee, rub the skin on the sick

White turmeric and Benefits

White turmeric and Benefits

Key pepet or white turmeric is often called "the white saffron" or "curcuma alba", as the Latin name wrong. Because the leaves are beautifully patterned and the growth is not high then beautifully patterned leaves and the growth is not high then the figure resembles the ornamental plants that are often planted in the garden or in pots. Pepet key can also be found growing wild in several places in the eastern part of Java to a height of less than 750 m above sea level. Besides being used as a mixture of traditional herbal medicine, kunsi pepet also often used for traditional cosmetics. There are two key growth stage pepet. The first is called vegetative phase, growth is normal as usual with leaves and pseudo-stem, the second phase of genetatif. In this phase, which looks just the flowers alone. This plant is found in lowland with an altitude of less than 750 m above sea level. Many are found in Sumatra and Java. In addition, also found in India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.

Herbaceous plant with a height of 30-70 cm annual grows with pseudo-stem that grows from the rhizome. Single leaf, leaf-shaped blade lanceolate, 20-30 cm long, 7.5 to 10 cm wide, pointed tip, the base has a midrib, flat edge, the color is light green with brown patterned the center. Flowers out of the rhizomes with a very short pseudo-stem. Gather flowers can grow, often bloom several kuntup at once, the color is reddish purple. Roots fleshy rhizome forming a not too large, ie the size of quail eggs. From the parent rhizome roots out the rough edges of an aqueous rhizome tillers there appeared to be growing gather and cover the parent rhizome. If the rhizome is cleaved looks pale white color, finely fibrous, and bitter taste. If you have been out of interest, indicating rhizomes ready to harvest. Young tubers can be used as a salad. Propagation by rhizome.

The nature and efficacy
Rhizomes are bitter, its cool. Efficacious anti-inflammatory, laxative fart (carminative), and accelerate wound healing.

Chemical Ingredients
Rhizome contains essential oils pale yellow, slightly smelly, containing borneol, sineol, metal khavikol, and saponins.

Used Parts
Parts of plants used as medicine are the rhizome.

Rhizome is used to overcome:
Indigestion, abdominal pain, stomach pains, and
Swelling due to bruising, kesleo.
How to Use
For external use only, use the grated rhizome to plaster parts of the body bruises, sprains, and ulcers that are difficult to break. After finely ground into powder, which has been dried rhizome stem can be used as a powder.

Pharmacological Effects and Outcomes Research

Examples of Use
Swelling, bruising, boils
Rinse the parent rhizome pepet a fresh key, then mash until smooth. If using dried rhizome, add a little water. Paste the results on the body of bruising or swelling, and dressing.
Removing the wind from the stomach
Brewed powder pepet key as much as a teaspoon to a cup of hot water, then cover. After a cold drink.
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Stop Smoking With Eating Bananas

Stop Smoking With Eating Bananas
very difficult to stop smoking, the cause is due to addiction to nicotine. To fix this, try eating a banana. The content of B6 and B12 in bananas helps to neutralize the effect of nicotine.
In addition to those benefits, there are many health benefits of bananas for.
overcome anemia
Bananas contain enough iron, so that effective treatment for anemia. Eat two bananas every day.
Triptopthan acid content in bananas is converted into serotonin (a substance that can alter mood) can overcome depression and stress. In addition, the amount of vitamin B6 in it can regulate glucose levels in the blood that can change the mood.
power source
Bananas can be easily digested, the sugar contained in fruit is turned into a great source of energy quickly.

Neutralize stomach acid
Got a problem with the stomach? Try eating bananas mixed with liquid milk. This herb is able to neutralize gastric acidity.
Alternative food for diabetics
Not just any bananas, but bananas are familiar to the public Goroho Gorontalo, North Sulawesi. Banana Goroho immature steamed, then mixed grated young coconut, a delicacy that is safe for diabetics.
To get all these benefits, you do not have to bother to cultivate bananas or mixed with other ingredients. One banana contains 99 calories Average calories, 1.2 grams protein, 0.2 grams of fat, carbohydrate 25.8 milligrams (mg), 0.7 grams fiber, 8 mg calcium, phosphorus 28 mg, iron 0.5 mg, vitamin A44RE, 0.08 mg of vitamin B, Vitamin C 3 mg and 72 grams of water.
Choose ripe bananas sudang, skin yellowish green with brown or yellow spots. Easier to digest ripe bananas, and fruit sugar is converted into natural glucose rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.
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DRUG BENEFIT leaves beluntas

DRUG BENEFIT leaves beluntas
Beluntas leaves grow wild in the yard, or garden. Leaves a distinctive aroma is also commonly made vegetable pecel or for ointment.
In plant biology beluntas described as follows:
Scientific name: Plucea indica indica Less Baccharis L.
Local names:
Sumatra: beluntas
Sunda: baluntas, baruntas
Java: luntas
Madura: baluntas, baruntas
Napier: lamuntasa
East: lenabou.
China: yi luan
England: Marsh fleabane
Simplicia: Pluchea folium (leaf beluntas), Pluchea radix (root beluntas).
Description of plant:
Grows wild in arid regions in the hard and rocky soil or planted as a hedge plant.
Require quite a bit of sunlight or shade. Many are found in coastal areas near the sea to a height of 1,000 m asl.
Small shrub, grows up to 2 m or more.
Highly branched, finely ribbed, soft-haired. Short-stemmed leaves, alternate location, strand
leaves oval breech. Melancip round tip, scalloped edges, glandulous, length 2.5 to 9 cm.
Width from 1 to 5.5 cm. with a bright green color fragrant smell when crushed.
Panicle compound interest with a flat, out of the armpit leaves and end of the shaft.
Hump-shaped flowers, rimmed or sitting, yellowish white to purple.
Fruit longkah somewhat top-shaped, small, hard brown with white corners.
Seeds small, whitish brown. Propagation by stem cuttings is quite old.

Some of the leaves Beluntas drug benefits as follows:

15 beluntas leaves brewed with a glass of hot water. After a rather cold, filtered. Taken once a day lx.

Body odor and bad breath.
Some young leaves beluntas steamed and eaten as a salad.

Aches - pains.
Some leaves beluntas brewed with a glass of hot water. This potion to drink 2x a day

20 beluntas leaves, a root site liman boiled with 1 cup of water until the water a half. Drink as well, lx day.

Waist and hip pain.
A root beluntas, 1 thumb kencur, 1 thumb of ginger, 1 thumb turmeric boiled with 1 cup of water until the water a half. Lx drink a day, once.

Beluntas roots boiled with a glass of water Strain and drink once a day lx.

Sakil stomach.
20 beluntas leaves washed and knead until it is destroyed with a glass Pour boiling hot water, given a bit of acid and salt, then filtered. Drink while still warm. This potion to drink 2x a day.

Menstrual pain.
20 beluntas leaves washed and knead until it is destroyed with a glass Pour boiling hot water, given a bit of acid and salt, then filtered. Drink while still warm. This potion to drink 2x a day.
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Toothache Natural Medicine

Toothache Natural Medicine
've ever experienced toothache? must have been not so good at night can not sleep when inflamed tooth pain spreading to the entire body. The following are some tips to ease the pain caused by nerve digigi problematic.

The minced garlic (1 clove of garlic), then sprinkle a little salt. Chewing on the sore area and soon the pain in your teeth will slowly disappear. You can also use it as therapy to strengthen the bone structure of your teeth.

Not only the garlic, red onion but also able to relieve your toothache. In addition, the content of the enzyme in onions may help kill the bad germs in the mouth.

Squeeze the lemon juice, Pulaskan on the sore tooth that spoonful after spoonful every 10 minutes until the orange juice runs out. Beside rich in vitamin C, orange juice also acts as a pain reliever of your teeth.

oil of cloves
You probably know that the clove is one of the constituent composition of cigarettes. However, different from the cloves, clove oil extract is very potent to save your teeth feeling pain from the attack. It's easy, apply clove oil on your teeth with the help of cotton.

Not recommended to consume salt directly, not because of side effects, but it's certainly not very salty? But behind this salty taste, high content of iodine also relieve the aching tooth. It's easy, sprinkle salt in a glass of warm mineral water. Stir and then use as a means of mouthwash. Gargle at least until you feel comfortable enough and not too tormented by pain tooth.

the above materials are very easily available and inexpensive, but never underestimate the usefulness. In a few simple steps, these natural medicines to dispel the pain without causing harmful side effects.
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Create Lime Health Benefits

Create Lime Health Benefits
Who is not familiar with lemon, everyday we find orange juice are both around the dinner table in a small roadside stalls to restaurants. Orange juice is easily grown in the family garden and natural medicine and can be cheaper for our family.

Tree description:

Branched bushy small tree, but irregular, high 1.5 - 3.5 m, round rods, barbed short, stiff and sharp. Single leaf, petiole narrowly winged. Helain leaves elliptic to oblong egg round, base rounded, blunt tip, beringgit edge, upper surface dark green glossy leaves of the lower surface light green, length 2.5 - 9 cm, width 2.5 cm. Compound interest, arranged in axillary panicles that come out of the leaf, star-shaped flowers, diameter 1.5 - 2.5 cm, white, fragrant scent. Buni fruit fruit, round to oval, diameter 2.5 - 5 cm, thin-skinned with no lumps, which will be green to yellow when ripe, sour taste. Seeds many, small, smooth, oval breech.

Water fruit used for seasoning food, drinks, refreshing, ingredients makers of citric acid, clean the rust on metal, or dirty skin. Also, it can be used as traditional medicines and herbal mixtures. Citrus fruits can be propagated by grafting, seed or grafting.

The nature & Benefits
Citrus fruit juice taste bitter, sour, a little cold and efficacious to remove the blockage of vital energy, cough, sputum peluruh (mukolitik), peluruh urine (diuretic), peluruh drought and help the digestive process.

Chemical content
Lemon oil contains limonene and linalool fly. in addition, also contain flavonoids, such as poncirin, hesperidine, rhoifolin and naringin. Ripe fruit contains Synephrine and N-methyltyramine. It also contains citric acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins A, B1 and C.

Used Parts
The main part used is fruit. Besides the leaves, flowers and roots can also be used as a drug.

Citrus fruit juice can be used for the treatment of:

* Influenza, cough
* Mucus in throat
* Fever, heat and malaria
* Slimming
* Dandruff
* Increase Stamina
* Irregular menstrual

Flowers and leaves of lime are used for treatment:

* High blood pressure (hypertension)

How to Use
For drugs taken, squeezed citrus fruit juice 1-2. This juice can be used alone or mixed with other materials.

For external use, stir in lime juice with the material for the kompreskan opy or massaged into sore body parts, such as fever in children, abdominal pain, diarrhea, toothache, menstrual pain, headache, rheumatism, ringworm, dandruff, acne , clavus, sprains, stomach shrink, shrink pores clean face and fat in the skin of the face. Lemon juice can also be used as a mouthwash in patients with sore throat or throat abscess.

Pharmacological Effects and Outcomes Research
Lemon leaf essential oils have activity against the growth of Staphyloccus aureus resistance oada levels 20%, 40% and 80%, and Escherichia coli at levels of 40% and 80% (ratih Dyah Earth, Fac. Pharmacy UGM 1992).

Examples of Use
Cough Without Fever
Cut a lemon that has been cooked, then squeeze the water into the glass. Add the soy sauce or the same amount of honey with lemon juice much earlier. Stir until smooth, then drink all at once. Apply 2 times a day until healed.

Cough, Influenza
Cut a ripe lime and contains enough water, then squeeze. Pour boiling water juice with 60 cc of hot water. Add 1 / 2 teaspoon water, stirring rate whiting. Drink this mixture daily 2x2 tablespoon.

Wind because they cough, influenza, abdominal pain, diarrhea and menstrual pain
Provide feed water 5 tablespoons lime juice, 2 tablespoons of eucalyptus oil and whiting for seed acid. Mix the ingredients and mix evenly. For people with influenza cough and then smeared the potion on the neck, chest and back. For patients with abdominal pain, diarrhea and menstrual pain, and apply herbs earlier in the abdomen and back. Do it 2-3 times a day.

Wash 1 / 2 tablespoons fresh lime leaves handheld cleaner then milled until smooth. Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice, stirring rate. Rub this mixture on the neck, forehead and temples. Do it 2-3 times a day.

Cut 3 pieces of ripe lemon, then squeeze. Pour boiling water juice with 1 / 2 cup hot water, then add 1 tablespoon honey, stirring rate. While warm, use this mixture to rinse the mouth and throat for 2-3 minutes. Do 3 times a day.

sore throat, throat abscess
Pour the juice of 2 oranges juice in a glass of salt water, stirring rate. Use this solution to gargle (the throat)

Mucus in the throat
Cut 2 pieces of lemon, squeeze the water into a glass. Add a little salt, then stir served until blended. This herb can be taken on an empty stomach.

Fever in infants and children
Cut a lemon, then squeeze the water into the cup. Add 3 pieces that have been shredded onion, a little salt and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and stir until blended. Compress on the crown of the head potions and head were in infants or children.

Ringworm, tinea versicolor
Wash a handful root Landep (Barleria prionitis L.) thoroughly, then mash finely. Add the juice of 1 orange juice, stirring rate. Apply on the skin ringworm or tinea versicolor, then wrapped with a cloth bandage. Change the dressing 2 times a day until healed.

Cut the lemon juice to taste, then squeeze the water into the cup. Add 1 teaspoon of powdered sulfur, stirring rate. Apply mixture to face with acne.

Cut lemon into thin cook. Rub the pieces of the face with acne and oily. Do it 2-3 times a day.

Fever, hot on malaria
Provide lime leaves, leaf kendal (Cordia obliqua Willd.) (Blumea balsamifera L.) each 3 pieces and 5 pieces of leaf prasman (Eupatorium triplinerve Vahl.). Boil these ingredients in 3 cups water until remaining 1 glass. Once cool strain and filter divided for 2 times drinks, morning and afternoon.

Three Fruit ripe lemon and juicy split into two. Enter into the pot and brewed with 1 / 2 cup hot water, then closed. After cold drawn and then squeezed and filtered orange. Add 2 tablespoons of eucalyptus oil and 2 tablespoons of oil gandapura. This herb is used to lubricate and massage the injured part. After that drinking 3 / 4 cups young green coconut water. Do 3 times a day.

Irregular menstruation
Combine 2 tablespoons lime juice and 3 tablespoons of pure honey. Brewed with 1 1 / 2 cup hot water and stir until blended. After a cold, drink a day 3 x 1 / 3 part.

Provide srigading leaves and flowers each 1 / 5 handheld, 3 / 4 teaspoon black cumin, 1 / 2 teaspoon fennel, 1 / 2 finger pulosari, 2 petals relationship kesumba keing, 2 pieces of orange juice is taken sugar, rock sugar for chicken eggs. Wash these materials, and cut as necessary. Furthermore, boiled in 3 cups water until remaining 2 1 / 4. After a cold, drink the potion a day 3 x 3 / 4 cup.

Cut a lemon into 2-4 parts. Use to rub the scalp evenly. Let it dry for a while, lelu rinsed.

Wash the lime leaves, leaf ketepeng china and bitter leaf (each 1 / 3 cell), 10 pieces of betel leaf, papaya roots 2 fingers, 2 fingers roots heels in love, 3 fingers roots of moringa and 10 pieces of cayenne pepper and mash until smooth. Soak herb in 1 liter of alcohol for 7 days. Water feelings can be used to rub and massage the sore body parts.

Pain cavities
Combine lime juice, black cone-shaped root mill and mill legetan warak each 1 tablespoon. Add 3 / 4 cup of salt water into it, and stir until blended. Further squeeze and strain the ingredients. Use a water filter to rinse for a few minutes, then discard. Do it 4-6 times a day.

Thickening of the skin
Cut a fresh lime into 4 sections, then rub the thickened skin. Do it every night before bed, do not be washed until the next day.

Wash the leaves of henna nails and oil camcau, each 1 / 4 handheld, then milled until smooth. Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice and stir until blended. Paste the potion on the skin to thicken, then wrapped with a cloth bandage. Change the dressing 2 times a day.

Wash the leaves and leaf boyfriend Gambiran nail each 1 / 4 handheld, then milled until smooth. Add 2 tablespoons of lime juice with a squeeze. Paste this herb on the skin to thicken, then wrapped with a cloth bandage. Change the dressing 2 times a day.

Wash 5 pieces of durian leaf and 1 / 2 rhizome bangle thoroughly, then mash finely. Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoons honey 4 tablespoons water and cook as she kneaded until smooth. Furthermore, strain and filter can be taken, a day 3 x 1 / 3 part.

Add the juice of one lemon into a cup of green tea water. Drink this concoction every morning and evening. Do it every day.

Shrink the stomach
Cut a ripe lemon fruit, then squeeze the water. Add the amount of eucalyptus oil as much lemon juice, then add a little whiting, stirring rate. Apply in the abdomen and waist, then tie the stomach or the use to be a tight corset. Apply 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.

Increase stamina
Combine a chicken egg yolk, lemon juice 1 orange slice and a little brown sugar. Stir until smooth, then drink. Do it once a week.

High-blood pressure
Provide 20 flowers and 30 pieces of lime leaves. Next wash thoroughly, then add the juice of 2 oranges juice. Boil these ingredients in 3 cups water until remaining 2 1 / 4 cup. Once cool, strain and filter drinking water a day 3 x 3 / 4 cup. Drink this mixture plus a little honey. Do it every day.
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Melia azedarach

Many people mistakenly between Mindi with neem, because physically the two plants are almost the same. Mindi small (Melia azedarach) is often planted on the side of the road as a shade tree. Trees that grow quickly and come from China can be found from the lowlands to the mountains with an altitude of 1,100 m asl.

Mindi morphological features:
• Trunk
This many-branched stem bark has a dark brown, with up to 4 m high, grooved to form lines and scaly. stem cylindrical, upright, not buttress; bark (papagan) gray brown, the trees are still Young has a smooth skin and have lenticels; wood pale white sapwood; reddish brown wooden porch.

• Leaf
Double compound leaves, odd pinnate, alternate grows 20-80 cm in length. Leaflets oval to oblong shape, jagged edge, pointed tip, base rounded or obtuse, upper surface dark green leaves, green bottom young, 3-7 cm long, 1.5 to 3 cm wide. Amounted to 5 petals, about 1 cm in length, pale purple color, and smell nice. The leaves are dried in the book could resist insects or ticks.

• Flowers
Compound interest in long panicles 10-20 cm, leaves out of the armpit.

• Fruit
The fruit of stone fruit, round, diameter about 1.5 cm. When ripe its color yellowish brown, and seedy one. Propagation by seed.

• Seed
Seeds are highly toxic and is commonly used to poison fish or insects.

NATURE and efficacy
Root bark and bark of small Mindi (ku lian pi) taste bitter, cold in nature, slightly poisonous (toxic). Ku lian pi into the liver meridian, stomach, and spleen. Efficacious clean hot and humid, peluruh urine (diuretic), laxative (laxative), stimulant vomiting, and intestinal worms peluruh (antelmintik). Mindi small fruit (chuan lian zi) taste bitter, its cool, slightly toxic. Chuan lian zi into the heart meridian, small intestine, and bladder, and efficacious laxative intestinal worms (anthelmintic), activate the vital energy to relieve pain, and as foreign drugs efficacious antifungal. Nutritious leaves peluruh urine (diuretic) and peluruh worms. Nutritious crops throughout the insect killer.

RESULTS AND EFFECTS pharmacological
Toosendanin is an active component on a small Mindi efficacious antelmintik and work longer than santonin. In vitro experiments, Cortex Meliae infusion with concentrations 25-50% causing paralysis worm pinworm derived from mice. Giving toosendanin 8 mg / kg in mice intravenously (IV) or intramuscular (IM) or injections of 0.4 mg / kg directly to the respiratory center in the medulla, causing respiratory failure. This indicates toosendanin can cause respiratory depression.

Parts of plants used as medicine are the bark, root bark, fruit, and leaves. Use materials that have been dried or fresh. Bark after washed, and then dry in the sun until dry. Perform Cutting prior to storage.

Mindi drug efficacy:

Prepare bark or root bark is dried as much as 15-30 g or 30-60 g if using fresh. Boil or make the powder / pill. If using the fruit, boiled fruit small Mindi as much as 50-10 g, and then drink the water. For external use only, boiled bark or root bark, use water to wash or rinse burrow ringworm pubic itching and discharge infections caused by trichomonas (trikomonal vaginitis).

Bark or root bark can also be baked / roasted, then ground up refined into a powder. To use, add vinegar or oil the powder to taste, then rub on skin disorders, such as rubella (German measles), erysipelas (an acute infection of the skin caused by streptococcus), Kapala in the skin due to ringworm fungus (tinea capitis), itching from scabies, eczema, and ulceration. Mindi leaves little can also be boiled, use water to ringworm and wash the leaves to compress sores, boils, eczema, and inflammation of the skin due to worm infestation.

2. Headache
Fresh leaves when crushed and placed on the temples can relieve headaches. Flowers as an external medicine for headaches.
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LEAF old guava contain various components

There is dengue season, plants are frequently hunted and consumed to enhance the immune system and platelets are like, red guava. Actually, the guava fruit flesh color red or white is no different, both contain tannin and quersetin.

Guava leaves can also be used as a cure dengue fever, because they contain tannins and quersetin compounds of flavonoid group, both compounds are more widely available on guava leaves than in fruit.

LEAF old guava contain various components were believed to overcome the disease dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). Groups of tannins and flavonoids compounds are expressed as quersetin in guava leaf extract can inhibit the activity of the enzyme reverse trancriptase which means inhibits the growth of core RNA viruses. There are three benefits of guava extract it, namely as an antiviral, reduces the risk of leakage of plasma and can cope with thrombocytopenia.

From various studies on guava leaves generally had done his usefulness as an anti-diarrheal. In addition, guava have properties as anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, anti-microbial and analgesic. Beberepa chemical compounds contained in guava, among others, polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids and tannins. Given the compound's estimated bladder guava leaf also has antioxidant activity that is closely usefulness in treating various diseases.

Some diseases that can be used include:

Guava leaves in boiled in 1 liter of water: 1 handful of fresh guava leaves and bark a finger. Strain the stew and drinking water a day 2 times
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Arenga pinnata

Palm Scientific Name: Arenga pinnata
Synonyms: Arenga sacchrifera Labill.
Family: Arecaceae (Palmae).

Description of Trees:
Like a palm tree with a trunk height to 25 m and a diameter of 65 cm. some are quite long leafy stem, leaf midrib underneath the edges are tattered black break down into fibers. Petiole up to 1.5 m, leaf blade length to 5 m. Child leaves up to 145 times 7 cm, at the bottom there is a layer of wax. Monoecious, with female cobs cob. male length 2.5 m. Cob branched once, lateral length of 1.5 m. Male flowers in pairs, the length of 12-15 mm. Female flowers stand alone, almost round like a ball. Fruit Buni round bullet, with the end dented inwards. All of Java, in the woods or planted 1-1400 m above sea level. Also known by the name of the old Arenga saccharifera Labill. Virtually all of the plant could be used, its roots as a woven material and whips, rods are split to gutter (water channels), wood for walking sticks and roof rafters, vegetables, bones, leaves for brooms and baskets, to replace the young leaves of cigarette paper , bark fibers for rope fibers, tiles, baskets, brooms, brushes, terrace made "sago". From the cob tassel tapped liquid containing sugar, then made of sugar (brown sugar), if allowed to produce sago water, wine or vinegar, made candied and eaten seeds (and fro). Parts used wine / legend (the results of flower water fermentation) and roots.

Local Name:
Persuaded Bak, Bak seat (Aceh); Patterns, Paula, Bagot, Agaton, Bargot (Batak); Anau, Biluluk (Minangkabau); Kawung, Taren (Sunda); Aren, Lirang, bear (Java); Jake, Hano (Bali ); Meka (MPA); Moke, Huwat (Flores); Akel, Akere, Koito, Akol, Ketan (MPA); Inru (Bugis); Bole (Bread); Seho (Ternate).
Simplicia name:
Arengae pinnatae Radix; Roots Aren.


Wine / legend to cope with canker sores and constipation. Roots to cope with kidney stones and skin rashes.

Potions and dosage
1. Kidney Stones
Remedy: Roots Aren 2 grams, 3 grams of glass Keji Leaves, Roots Alang-alang 3 grams, Herba Meniran 3 grams, water 20 ml.
Ways of making: Made infusion.
How to use Taken 1 times a day, 100 ml.
Duration of treatment: Repeated during 14 days or until the kidney stone out. Treatment was stopped after the stone out of stone, sand, or grains. Furthermore, drinking boiled leaves and herbs Meniran cat whiskers, as a substitute for tea.

2. Constipation and Sprue
Legen drink like other fresh drinks.
Wine contains sugar and fat oils.

3. Increase Sperm
Here's how:
- Take approximately 9 grains of sugar palm fresh fruit, take the flesh, and sliced ​​into small pieces.
- Boil the ental fruit slices on top of the fireplace by using enough water to boiling.
- When you are boiling, mix with salt and palm sugar to taste. After that lift from the fireplace and palm sugar
to taste. After that lift from the fireplace; then chill.
- Drink boiled water and its ental every day 3.

Willing, God! This way semen (sperm) will increase and you also become sharper hearing.
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Brugmansia suaveolens

Cone-shaped mountain (Brugmansia suaveolens [H. et B.] B. et P.) is a plant typical altitude areas that are not found in lowland areas such as beaches. These plants are usually found at an altitude of 700-2100 m above sea level. The flowers are very distinctive large and hangs like a bell

Robust shrub or small tree, erect, woody, branched, 2-4 m. high End of the short-haired twig very tightly. Strands of large leaves, stemmed, oval or elongated oval, base obtuse or pointed, usually not at hand, pointed tip, curved edges, between the bon pinnate, rarely hairy leaf surface, lower surface smooth haired, long 9-35 cm, width 4 -17 cm. Single flowers in axillary leaves, hanging, stemmed. Green petals, the shape of the tube. Trumpet-shaped crown, tube angle and Taju five short tapered, white or orange, smelling nice at night. Buni elongated fruit, not thorny patch, smooth haired, long 9-11 cm, did not open. Thick-skinned seeds resembling cork, colored gray. Cone-shaped mountain can be propagated by cuttings and seeds.

The nature & Benefits
Cone-shaped mountain flowers toxic, efficacious antiasma and pain relievers (analgesics).
Chemical Ingredients
Scopolamine alkaloids, saponins, glycosides flavonoids and polyphenols. This active substance can cause hallucinations.

Parts used
Parts used are the flowers.

Flowers are used to address:

shortness of breath

Painful menstruation and

stomach ache
How to use
Drain 10 g of fresh flowers, then roll like a cigarette to smoke or to drink boiled.

Pharmacological Effects and Outcomes Research
Apparently, the provision of high-dose cone-shaped mountain in male rats can cause abnormal behavior in the form of hyperactivity (Nurhayati Aaron, Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Pharmacy, Unair 1990)

examples of Use
shortness of breath
Roll dried flowers, and then burn the ends. Further suction deep like a cigarette.
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Kotok Tahi Drug Benefit Interest

Kotok Tahi Drug Benefit Interest
These plants grow wild or used as a hedge plant, distinctive smell rather unpleasant. Single leaf, sitting opposite end of the tapered ovoid form a jagged edge of bone pinnate leaves, upper surface hairy with a lot of rough-haired rarely touching the lower surface.

Name of area:
Satek flowers, saliyara, saliyere, chicken dung, dung kotok (Sunda) telek flowers, obio, puyengan, tembelek,; tembelekan, teterapan (Java), kamanco, mainco,; tamanjho (Madura), Flower fence, wood Singapore, lai chicken ; (Sumatra); se mei Wu (China).;


PART USED: Leaves, flowers, roots, dry.


1. Roots: Influenza, tuberculosis glands, rheumatic, fluor albus (white).

2. Flowers: TBC with coughing up blood, asthmatic.

3. Leaves: Drug skin disease, ulcers, swelling, hives, high fever, rheumatic, bruising.


1. Use of Outside.
Fresh leaves are crushed to be attached to a sore or boil just enough to wash the skin diseases, ulcers, bleeding wounds, bruises, whitish.

2. Rheumatik: root decoction enough for bathing.

3. Pulmonary tuberculosis, cough with phlegm, asthma
Rinse and 9 grams of dried flowers, and then boiled in 3 cups of water until the remaining
2 cups. when cool, strain the cooking liquid Nair. Drink this mixture three times a day
brackish each 2 / 3 cup.

3. Gland tuberculosis, influenza, and whitish
take 6-10 grams of dried root, then wash. material boiled in 4 cups of water until
and the remaining 2 cups boiling. Once cool, strain the cooking liquid. drink 3 times
day of each 2 / 3 cup.
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Binahong plants thought to have come from Australia, South Africa, Hawaii, New Zealand and other Pacific Islands. These herbs are easy to grow both in lowland and upland in cold and humid environments.

Generative propagation by seed, but more often is cultivated vegetatively through rhizome roots. This Binahong trunked soft, when they are old enough will arise in the armpit leaves a kind of tuber with irregular shapes and rough textured as shown in figure 5. Bulbs will be released and spread by itself, then these bulbs will grow into new plants.

This plant in the family termasuj Basellaceae, in Indonesia is generally known by the name Binahong, whereas in English is called Heartleaf Madeiravine or Madeira Vine and the country called China's Deng Teng San San Chi or Chi.


Scientifically Binahong or by the Latin name Anredera cordifolia (Ten.) Steenis is classified as follows:
Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)
Subkingdom: Tracheobionta (vascular plants)
Super Division: Spermatophyta (seed Produce)
Division: Magnoliophyta (flowering plants)
Class: Magnoliopsida (two pieces / dikotil)
Sub Class: Hamamelidae
Order: Caryophyllales
Family: Basellaceae
Genus: Anredera
Species: cordifolia Anredera (Ten.) Steenis

Binahong generally used to overcome the interference of the body such as:

1. Accelerate the recovery of health after surgery, childbirth, circumcision, all the wounds in, colitis.
2. Launch and normalize circulation and blood pressure.
3. Preventing stroke, ulcers, gout.
4. Add and restore vitality endurance.
5. Wazir (pile)
6. Launched urination, defecation.
7. Diabetes etc..
8. Sprue weight.
9. Dizziness.
10. Stomach ache


Some leaves are chewed or cooked until smooth with a glass of water and drink more easily with the waste or blended (blender) leaf has magical properties as follows:

Severe disease categories:

- Cough / vomiting blood: 10 sheets per day
- The lungs are perforated: 10 sheets per day
- Diabetes: 11 sheets per day
- Shortness of breath / bengik: 7 sheets per day
- Acute ulcers are chronic: 12 pieces per day
- Broken bones: 10-12 sheets per day
- Blood low: 8 sheets per day
- Radagng kidney: 7 sheets per day
- Itching skin gatal.exim: 9 pieces per day
- Severe concussion / mild: 10-15 sheets per day
- Symptoms of liver: 10 sheets per day

For severe disease categories such healing takes up to 6 (six) months, attempted somewhat patient taking this drug every day.
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Drug Efficacy Cucumber Fruit

Drug Efficacy Cucumber Fruit
Cucumber or cucumber Cucumis sativus scientific name has long been known to have medicinal properties. Allegedly cucumber comes from the Himalaya mountains and spread throughout the world, has been cultivated in South Asia region since 3000 years ago.

This fruit contains 0.65% protein, 0.1% fat and carbohydrates as much as 2.2%. It also contains calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Cucumber seeds themselves contain toxic alkoloid hipoxanti type, which is used to treat children with intestinal worms.

There are many varieties of cucumbers can be found on the market. Cucumber-cucumber are varied in shape, size, or color of his skin. Do not be confused in choosing a cucumber. Sound effects contained in each of these species as effective for attacking the disease.

• Local Cucumber. Vegetables elliptic colored green-yellow-white lines can be eaten raw as fresh vegetables, mixed salad Karedok den, and can be processed into pickles, juiced, boiled, or steamed. Cucumber is recommended to be eaten raw, because cooking and processing into pickles will reduce the content of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C.

• Japanese Cucumber (Kyuri). Land sakura cucumber origin has a more 'streamlined' and longer than the local cucumbers. Her skin is dark green with white spots arise that make the surface uneven. Flavor and softer texture than the local cucumbers. It is suitable processed into mixed salad and pickles.

• Cucumber Gherkin. Also called pickling cucumbers or baby kyuri. As the name implies this is more often processed cucumbers into pickles. Smaller size with dark green skin and there are spots that arise as kyuri. It was crunchy, not too watery and not gummy.

• Zucchini. Vegetables was related to the cucumber is often called sukini or cucumber Italy. Has a size larger than the den is not too watery cucumber. The shape is not perfectly round, but-sided terms. Old moss-green color of his skin and shiny. The inside is white, resembling squash. Unlike the cucumber, sukini rarely eaten raw.

If you suffer from pain in the throat that causes difficulty speaking (cough) can be treated with cucumber seeds. The trick: a little cucumber seeds are mixed with a little salt and gargle several times a day. This treatment is believed to restore the sound was lost due to illness.

Diseases of continuous dizziness that can lose weight can be overcome by consuming raw cucumber or that have been cooked. In addition, cucumber can also be used to treat dysentery.

Clean the Kidney with Cucumber

Cucumbers are familiar with us. As fresh vegetables, mixed pecel, or serve refreshments. However, efficacy was also a lot of cucumbers. Besides being able to reduce fever in a short time, and high blood shed, this vine can also cleanse the kidneys.

External use only. To taste the fruit is washed and shredded. Used to compress the fever, affixed on cuts, burns, stains on skin patches, acne, facial cleanse oily skin and reduce itching skin.

Recipes and How to Use:

1. High blood pressure.
2 pieces of fresh cucumbers washed and shredded. Results grated squeezed and strained, and drunk all at once. Do it 2-3 times a day.

2. Sprue.
Every day eat as much as 9 pieces of cucumber fruits. Perform routine.

3. Cleaning the kidney.
Freshly washed and shredded cucumber. Results grated squeezed and filtered. Water is taken little by little until the gastric fluid used to receiving cucumber.

4. Fever.
Cucumbers taste is washed, and shredded. Results grater placed on the abdomen.

5. Acne.
Cucumber fruits are washed and sliced. cucumber slices placed and rubbed against the skin with acne. Do it every day.

6. For irregular menstruation drug.
Finely minced leaves cocor 10 ducks, 5 finger gourd of water, 1 piece of cucumber, 10 dadap srep leaves, 10 leaves sambaing plug, add water salt to taste. Then rubbed into the abdomen, and dressing and do two times a day.
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DRUG BENEFIT leaves beluntas

DRUG BENEFIT leaves beluntas

Beluntas leaves grow wild in the yard, or garden. Leaves a distinctive aroma is also commonly made vegetable pecel or for ointment.
In plant biology beluntas described as follows:
Scientific name: Plucea indica indica Less Baccharis L.
Local names:
Sumatra: beluntas
Sunda: baluntas, baruntas
Java: luntas
Madura: baluntas, baruntas
Napier: lamuntasa
East: lenabou.
China: yi luan
England: Marsh fleabane
Simplicia: Pluchea folium (leaf beluntas), Pluchea radix (root beluntas).
Description of plant:
Grows wild in arid regions in the hard and rocky soil or planted as a hedge plant.
Require quite a bit of sunlight or shade. Many are found in coastal areas near the sea to a height of 1,000 m asl.
Small shrub, grows up to 2 m or more.
Highly branched, finely ribbed, soft-haired. Short-stemmed leaves, alternate location, strand
leaves oval breech. Melancip round tip, scalloped edges, glandulous, length 2.5 to 9 cm.
Width from 1 to 5.5 cm. with a bright green color fragrant smell when crushed.
Panicle compound interest with a flat, out of the armpit leaves and end of the shaft.
Hump-shaped flowers, rimmed or sitting, yellowish white to purple.
Fruit longkah somewhat top-shaped, small, hard brown with white corners.
Seeds small, whitish brown. Propagation by stem cuttings is quite old.

Some of the leaves Beluntas drug benefits as follows:


15 beluntas leaves brewed with a glass of hot water. After a rather cold, filtered. Taken once a day lx.

Body odor and bad breath.

Some young leaves beluntas steamed and eaten as a salad.

Aches - pains.

Some leaves beluntas brewed with a glass of hot water. This potion to drink 2x a day


20 beluntas leaves, a root site liman boiled with 1 cup of water until the water a half. Drink as well, lx day.

Waist and hip pain.

A root beluntas, 1 thumb kencur, 1 thumb of ginger, 1 thumb turmeric boiled with 1 cup of water until the water a half. Lx drink a day, once.


Beluntas roots boiled with a glass of water Strain and drink once a day lx.

Sakil stomach.
20 beluntas leaves washed and knead until it is destroyed with a glass Pour boiling hot water, given a bit of acid and salt, then filtered. Drink while still warm. This potion to drink 2x a day.

Menstrual pain.
20 beluntas leaves washed and knead until it is destroyed with a glass Pour boiling hot water, given a bit of acid and salt, then filtered. Drink while still warm. This potion to drink 2x a day.
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Drug Benefit srikaya

Drug Benefit srikaya
Sugar-apple plants are often found in Indonesia, and the fruit is quite distinctive so that it can be easily identified. In addition to planted in the yard, Sugar-apple-growing much too wild for fruit favored by birds that carry the seeds everywhere and grew up tough on the outskirts of the walls of houses. Scientific name is Annona squamosa and its common name is Sugar Apple.

Plants srikaya For Medical Benefits:

- Ulcers, boils hard
Wash the fresh leaf sufficiently, then milled until smooth. Add a little salt, then use this herb for the ulcer and plaster bandage. Within a day, instead of 2-3 times.
- Ripen boils
Take the contents of the ripe fruit, then finely minced. Add a little salt, stirring evenly, apply on the boil, then wrapped with gauze.
- Fainting Suddenly, calm hysterical people
Wash the fresh leaves to taste, then mash until smooth. Bring mill last leaf on the patient's nose to smell inhaled by the patient.
- Eradicate fleas
Bathe dogs have lice by boiling water Sugar-apple leaves or seeds. The trick, finely crushed leaves or seeds srikaya, add enough water, then strain the water and use to bathe the dog.
- Eradicate head lice
Wash beans srikaya (10 points) and Sugar-apple leaf fresh (1 cell), then milled until smooth. Add a little coconut oil and stir evenly. apply on the scalp, then wrap with a cloth. After three hours, open and rinse thoroughly. Do not let the rinse water into the eye because it can cause irritation and inflammation.
- Worms in children
Wash fresh leaves srikaya (15 sheets), then boiled with five cups of water until the remaining three glasses. Once cool, strain and drink three times a day, each one glass.
- Digestive disorders
Wash the fresh taste Sugar-apple leaves, milled until smooth, then add coconut oil to taste. Glue on the stomach.
- Diarrhea
Wash srikaya bark (6-10 g), cut into small pieces, then add brown sugar to taste. Boil four cups water to the remaining half. Once cool, strain and drink twice a day, each one glass.
- Scabies
Wash fresh leaves srikaya (15 sheets), then milled until smooth. Squeeze as much water whiting with a teaspoon and use to rub the skin of scabies. Do it twice a day.
- Pregnant women are forbidden to drink boiled beans Sugar-apple fruit.
- Be careful if you drink decoction of the seeds, bark, and roots of Sugar-apple because they contain toxins.
- Only used under the supervision of an experienced herbalist.
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Tread Liman and property

Tread Liman and property
This plant is easy to find around place we live and grow wild. Stem stiff and wiry stems, long hair and tight, branched and furrowed. The leaves on the stems of small flowers, rare location, length of 3-9 cm, 1-3 cm wide. Hump-shaped compound interest, located at the tip of the stem, purple, blooms in the afternoon around one o'clock in the afternoon and closed again in the afternoon. The fruit of the hard fruit chunks, haired, black. Its roots are large white riding.

This plant is known by the nickname because of its ability to trigger Java Viagra hormones of Adam. This is due to tread liman stigmaterol contain a form of the hormone progesterone, spurring passionate man, circulation of blood. Use of liman footprint for various diseases is usually done by way of treatment, that is by drinking water boiled. Parts used are all plants, both roots, stems, leaves, or whole plants.

All properties of liman's footprint has been known since a long time, especially among Chinese pharmacologists. The leaves contain epifrieelinol, lupeol, stiqmasterol, triacontan-l-ol, dotriacontan-l-ol, lupeol acetate, deoxyelephantopin, and isodeozyelephantopin. In the interest there is the content of luteolin-7-glucoside.

Tread liman is used as traditional medicine, in a fresh condition, dry, and even extracted and put into capsules. Types of diseases that can be overcome by siting liman include various inflammatory diseases, such as inflammation of the tonsils, influenza, sore throat, sore eyes, acute kidney inflammation and krinis, as well as inflammation of the uterus or vaginal discharge. To overcome this inflammation, the entire plant footprint liman is dried, mixed with water and boiled. The water is filtered and drunk regularly every day. Meanwhile, to overcome flatulence, hepatitis, beriberi, dysentery, snake bites, a hundred-day cough, anemia, and others use some parts or the whole plant. For example, for hepatitis, so that fresh boiled with meat. Water was drunk. For berries, whole plant, plus tofu and water, then steamed and eaten. Flatulence can be overcome by boiling water footprint liman rod. Tread liman often used by pregnant women in ancient times to speed up the process of birth.

Less blood (anemia)
A handful of leaves footprint liman washed until clean. Mash and add a half cup of boiled water. Beat one egg yolk with one tablespoon of honey. Then, mix the two materials. Drink this mixture once a day for one week.

Two thumb-sized ginger peeled and cut into pieces. Kencur scraped a finger, one finger and one finger turmeric ginger peeled and cut into pieces. Two trees liman tread completely washed and cut into pieces. One teaspoon of sour kawak. One tablespoon of brown sugar finely combed.
Boil all ingredients except brown sugar, with four glasses of water on low heat until the water shrunk by half. Drinking potions coupled with brown sugar, three times a day each half cup.
Fever due to too tired

Boil a handful of leaves footprint liman, a handful of fresh gotu kola, ginger two fingers that have been peeled and chopped, one teaspoon of anise, and one finger pulosari with four glasses of water up into two glasses. Drink half a glass of herb, three times a day.

Common cold
Rinse a young papaya leaves, hibiscus leaves five young, half handheld leaf dry Sembung, two trees liman whole footprint, three small trees meniran fresh, a handheld fresh gotu kola, one finger pule, and one finger cinnamon. Boil all ingredients with four cups of water to the remaining half. Drink three times a day, each half a glass.

A tree full of fresh footprint liman washed and cut into pieces. Take a quarter of a bitter handheld, handheld meniran quarter, three betel leaves, turmeric finger, and one finger key retrieval.
Boil all ingredients with four cups water to shrink by half. Drink three times daily with a dose of half a glass.

Menstrual pain
One tree liman tread completely washed and cut into pieces. Cut into pieces two fingers of ginger, a handheld leaf sambang plug, a teaspoon of sour old, one finger turmeric, and fine comb one tablespoon of brown sugar.

Boil all ingredients in four glasses of water on low heat until the half. Drink three times a day as much as half a glass.
Enlarge breasts

Mash until smooth tread leaf liman a handheld (elephantopus scaber), a handheld leaf Ajeran (Bidens pilosa), and one young betel nuts (Arenga pinnata). Apply mixture on the breast, except in the nipple.
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pandan leaves

Useful as a deodorizer in addition to making a cake, pandan leaves can also eliminate dandruff. Take 10 pieces pandan leaves then mash until smooth, and give 2 glasses of water. Once filtered, the filtered water is rubbed into the hair that have previously been washed. Then rinse with clean water.
- Can be used as a medicinal fungus, grab a handful of pandan leaves, mash until smooth, then take the water and mix with a little salt. Drink this mixture once daily for 3 consecutive days.
- Can also be used to treat high blood pressure. Take 2 cups of water, mixed with pandan leaves to taste and boil until the water becomes a glass. Drink half a glass of morning and afternoon half-glasses. In this way the blood pressure will slowly deteriorated to the point normal. But remember, must still comply with the taboos of the doctor.
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Young coconut water

Young coconut water can quench the thirst of people. Making people refreshed after thirst and exhaustion. But then not only limited to that. Young coconut water instead got a lot of valuable content for health and beauty.

Coconuts have various properties, among others, to treat various diseases. "Coconut water is either consumed by pregnant women because it is believed can make baby skin become white and clean," explained Dr. Inayah. In addition, coconut water can also be made as nata de coco and soy sauce. Nata de coco can be consumed as a beverage with a mixture of fresh cocktails, fruit ice, or a substitute fro. And this same coconut water can be made by mixing ketchup with soy, brown sugar, garlic, nutmeg, bay leaves, galangal, kluwak, and sodium benzoate.

There are micro and macro content in coconut water. Macro elements contained in the coconut water is carbon and nitrogen. Elemental carbon in the form of simple carbohydrates such as glucose, sucrose, fructose, sorbitol, inositol, and others. The element nitrogen in the form of a protein composed of amino acids of coconut water is higher than the amino acids in dairy cows. In addition to carbohydrates and protein, coconut water also contains micro elements in the form of minerals that the body needs. Minerals, among others, potassium (K), sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), ferum (Fe), cuprum (Cu), phosphorus (P), and sulfur (S). Mineral content in coconut water is needed as a replacement ion body. No wonder, when people drink coconut water, his body refreshed.

Coconut water also contains many vitamins, among others, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, folic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, and riboflavin. No wonder the coconut water is also used as an ingredient of traditional medicine as well as beauty. Besides minerals, coconut water also contains sugar (varying between 1.7 to 2.6 percent) and protein (0.07 to 0.55 per cent). Because the nutrient composition of such, coconut water is used as raw materials for food products. "In the Philippines, coconut water used for beverage manufacturing processes, jelly, alcohol, dektran and vinegar," he added.
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Lycium barbarum berry

Goji berries (Lycium barbarum berry) is useful for health and repair of body cells become young again (anti-aging aspect) because
research and medical studies have proven Goji berries contain powerful antioxidants that high so the positive impact of
slow down the aging process, strengthen the immune system (immune system) and the heart.
Mepelajari health studies that by consuming Goji juice provides enhanced T-cell transformation functions as much as three times, increasing the number of
white blood cell interleukin-2 doubled (immune system), prevents DNA mutation into cancer cells due to the influence of free radicals, improve
cell growth as fertility, memory cells throughout the brain and recovery of cells of the organs of the body.
This shows the positive effects of Goji juice in preventing the growth of free radicals and make the body more youthful.

its content consists of: essential amino acids (19 kinds of amino acids), glyconutrients (cell growth), vitamin C, vitamin E, Omega 6 fatty acids,
Linoleic acid (reducing weight), B-complex vitamins, germanium (which does not exist in other fruit), zeaxanthin are highly influential
to eye cells, iron, Cyperone, beta-sitosterol (an anti-inflammatory), Solavetivone, Physalin, Betaine (cardiovascular system healthy heart)

The main nutrient that plays an important role in the goji berry is glyconutrients that mensupplai 8 important substances the body needs for growth of cells
and T-cell transformation.
1 L of Goji juice is able to provide 2 pounds of goji berries nutrition

Goji for various penyakitArthritis:
A study in Asia of the anti-obesity, research on patients who were given goji each morning and afternoon. The results show the majority of patients experienced weight loss of significant
In 2002, the research results Huazhong Agricultural University in China, shows that there is a master molecule polysaccharides in goji accelerate the conversion of food into energy, and lose weight
An important study in China found that consuming goji will increase to 40% enzyme Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), an enzyme highly potent against inflammation.
More than 40 years of research demonstrated the ability of Goji in regulating immunity. Working as an adaptogen, capable of improving immune function is low. Goji also helps normalize a hyperactive immune state.
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Wine is very rich

Vine thought to have come from around the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, then spread to North America, South America, and Europe, then to Asia, including Indonesia.

In general, this fruit is a plant that vine. Altitude is a good place not more than 300 meters above sea level.

In Indonesia, this plant has been cultivated widely in Probolinggo, Situbondo, Banyuwangi, Palu, Malang, Pasuruan, Panarukan Buleleng, and Kupang.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 71 percent of total world wine production is used for the manufacture of wine, 27 percent as fresh fruit, and 2 percent as dried fruit.

Wine is very rich in antioxidants and antimicrobials. Classified as excellent nutritional content and able to ward off various diseases. Another benefit, this fruit can increase sex drive and sleep melelapkan.

The grapes are included in the family Vitaceae and Vitis genus. The shape is almost round fruit with dark red fruit leather, green, golden yellow, or purple and covered with flour.

The pulp has a sweet and sour taste, and a lot of water content. The dominant type of acid is maleic acid and citric acid. Causes of sweet taste in wine is the high levels of glucose and fructose.

Nutritional Components of wine at the following levels per 100 grams:
Energy (kcal) 69
Protein (g) 0.72
Total fat (g) 0.16
Carbohydrates (g) 18.1
Total fiber (g) 0.9
Total sugar (g) 15.48
Calcium (mg) 10
Iron (mg) 0.36
Magnesium (mg) 7
Phosphorus (mg) 20
Potassium (mg) 191
Sodium (mg) 2
Zinc (mg) 0.07
Copper (mg) 0.13
Manganese (mg) 0.07
Selenium (mg) 0.1
Vitamin C (mg) 10.8
Thiamin (mg) 0.07
Riboflavin (mg) 0.07
Niacin (mg) 0.19
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.09
Total folate (meg) 2
Vitamin A (mg) 66
Vitamin E (mg) 0.19
Vitamin K (mg) 14.6

Benefit of grapes for the body:

1. launched the movement of stool in the intestines, preventing constipation
2. launched urination
3. treat constipation
4. prevent osteoporosis
5. blood circulation
6. against viruses and infections
7. lowering cholesterol levels
8. help kidney function
9. prevent cancer

The content of the grapes benefit from:

1. Magnesium
2. Laxative
3. Potassium
4. Calcium

Tips on choosing a good grapes:

1. the grapes are still strongly attached to the stem / trunk
2. should look smooth, thick fleshy and fresh
3. has a bright color (not white)
4. round shape with no holes or wrinkles on the skin
5. men do not feel sticky when held
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