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Benefits of Plants for Medicine and Mustache Cat Health

Benefits of Plants for Medicine and Mustache Cat Health
Cats whiskers are one type of trunked plants wet, cat whiskers trunk quadrangular, and very easy to be broken, cat whiskers can reach a height of about one and a half feet, leaves egg-shaped cat's whiskers, while the white flowers similar to the cat's whiskers, then from this plant that's called cat's whiskers.

cat whiskers have a lot of nicknames, for its Latin name is Orthosiphon Benth stamineus, the name of his kidney english tea, plants / java tea, while its local name is giri-giri angry to Sumatra, Java remujung for West and East Java, whereas of the cat's whiskers madura area known as the songot koneng.

Plants Mustache cats came from areas of Tropical Africa. The plant was known to the public as a traditional medicine to treat several types of diseases, such as
kidney stones,
uric acid,
cough, gout,
kidney inflammation,
and also syphilis

Cat's whiskers (Orthosiphon Spicatus BBS) in the form of shrubs, wet trunk, the height can reach 1.5 meters. Can be grown in a dry or wet at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, this plant has leaves egg-shaped spurs, leaves coarsely toothed edges. The flowers out stamen and pistil, white or purple.

This plant has a number of benefits to cure various kinds of diseases. The leaves contain levels of potassium (boorsma) is quite high. He also contain glycosides orthosiphonin believed to dissolve uric acid, phosphate and oxalate from the body. Especially from the bladder, bile and kidney.

According to the Atlas of Plant Medicine by Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha Indonesia, as quoted by website association data center hospitals throughout Indonesia (Persi), cat's whiskers plant flower is a compound flower in the bunch that came out at the end of the branching. The color is pale purple or white while the stamens longer than the flower tube. Fruit cat's whiskers in the form of fruit boxes and egg-shaped. These plants can be propagated by seeds or stem cuttings.

Herba this plant sweet yet slightly bitter taste. Herb cat's whiskers can be used to treat a number of diseases namely acute and chronic kidney infections, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, bladder stones and bladder infections. To treat kidney infections and hypertension, 30 grams of washing fresh herbs cat's whiskers, herb leaves and grass snake tongue spoon. Boil it all in tigha cups of water until only the remaining one cup. Once cool, strain the water and then drink half a cup twice a day.

For those who suffer from urinary tract infections, frequent urination (volume a bit and Anyang-anyangan), can be tried healing with herbs fresh herb leaves cat whiskers, meniran, and roots of reeds 30 grams each and then washed clean. The materials are then cut as necessary and then boiled in three cups of water until only the remaining half. Once cool, the water and then drink half a glass each of three times a day.

Benefits of Plants for Medicine and Mustache Cat Health

Efficacy for the treatment of
1) urinary tract infections or frequent urination (Anyang-anyangan)
Petiklah stalks and leaves as much as 30 g. cat whiskers Add leaves and Commelia communis meniran each 30 g. Boil and drink.
2) Diabetes and choking and painful
The leaves can be dried cat's whiskers are brewed as tea, then drink with palm sugar is also efficacious.
3) High Blood
Prepare a wet cat whiskers leaves and dry as much as 50 g. Leaves a dry cat whiskers cleaned and then boiled with water to taste. Langusng fresh leaves brewed with hot water. The results of both ingredients were taken and then filtered. This herb should be drunk a glass a day.
4) Fever
Prepare 100 g of the root of cat's whiskers. Wash thoroughly. Furthermore, boiled with water as much as 2000 cc. After boiling water let stand until not too hot, then filtered and take water. Cooking water was quite drunk a glass a day.
5) Other efficacy (cure kidney infection and bladder stones, increase appetite, eliminate heat, and treat gout).
All parts of plant cat's whiskers can also be boiled or dried and then brewed as tea.

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